Cole Rose

Cole Rose of Sophia Fresh

Cole Rose performs as the drum of the group, with a voice that is as deep as a bass. It rings with rugged, aggressive, and staccato tones, which hold the beat of the band. At the same time, she possesses a more melodic vein that she can also tap into with great effect. Cole Rose brings a hip-hop/punk fashion style and a “spitfire” personality to the group. She is full of energy, as you will soon see. Being the founding member of the group, she’s much like an abundant fossil fuel resource.

Coal: (Cole Rose) – a complex mixture of organic chemicals containing moisture and minerals, needed to generate energy and keep things going. Known to many as the diamond in the rough; don’t be fooled by its toughness. The value is definitely more than meets the eye, as she – like the fossil – will continuously display throughout her career. Pay close attention and don’t miss a beat; this one will definitely keep you on your feet!

Twitter: @nicqueencole