Atlantic Records new sensational female group, “Sophia Fresh” combines three young women united through their friendship, true love for music, and entertainment. The Atlantic Records executive who signed the girls, Mike Caren, wanted a name that separated them from the pack of female groups. So after true diligence, the girl’s and camp came up with “Sophia Fresh” -a name to define three girls as one, with southern flavor and pristine sound.

Group members Skye, Crystal, and Cole Rose are no strangers to the music business and have been conquering their dreams of entertaining since they can remember which involved opening up for various acts since their were little girls. While Crystal engaged in various facets of entertainment including being captain of the Houston Texans Cheerleading squad, Skye and Cole Rose signed their first major deal with J Records through Underdog Entertainment in 2005. Joining this label exposed the girls to invaluable information of the music industry, which gave them the experience to prepare for their future endeavors. After being signed for a couple years, this partnership didn’t work out as they initially planned and their team was free to explore a better fit for what they embody as a group… presenting the opportunity for them to reunite with original member Crystal!

Mike Caren linked Sophia Fresh with Super-Producer, T-Pain, as their Executive Producer to launch the new project. Today, the girls illustrate a testament of their versatility in vocal performance, dance ability, dedication, work ethic, and attitude, from their Hip-Hop anthems to sultry ballads. Their multitude of talents is matched by their drive, ambition and beauty.

The vocal performance of Sophia Fresh can be best compared to the strength that a band possesses. The drum, saxophone and guitar harmonize their passion, drive, and voices together to create an original, edgy, and fresh sound. What do you expect when you combine the vital elements of nature and they join together to encompass a group? Perfection!

With this wide range of originality, these young ladies are creating their own niche which they have creatively labeled as “Hip Rock meets R&B,” a southern musical force which harmonizes in sound and vision, that reaches out to a boundless audience. With a fresh new name, team and direction, Sophia Fresh, is definitely on their road to success. The motto they live by is “Never Say Never” Sophia Fresh believes in chasing their dreams, creating magic, and is currently doing it the way God wants it to be done.