It’s finally here, the long awaited mixtape from Atlantic Records/ Nappy Boy Entertainment Artists SOPHIA FRESH!

With Executive Producer T-Pain, this 22 track mixtape hosted by DJ Lil Boy contains features from Kanye West, Akon, and T-Pain himself.

Sophia Fresh Mixtape: So Phreakin Fresh!

Sophia Fresh Mixtape: So Phreakin Fresh

Track Listing:

  1. Check Me Out
  2. What It Is, featuring Kanye West
  3. Kid N Play, featuring T-Pain
  4. Something
  5. Skit: I Need Autotune
  6. Drop It
  7. Doin Me Without You
  8. Lives in the Club, featuring J-Lyric (Step Up 2: The Streets Soundtrack)
  9. Make It Hot
  10. Stuck
  11. Skit: Soulja Boy
  12. Work For It
  13. Forever, featuring Akon
  14. Feel Good
  15. Hot
  16. Go Green, featuring T-Pain
  17. Skit: There They Go
  18. That’s Right
  19. Skit: No Diddy Party
  20. Do The Dance
  21. Superbad, featuring T-Pain
  22. Hurt U So Bad
  23. Skit: Nicolette

Download the mixtape So Phreakin Fresh! now and let us know what your favorite songs are.